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الهواة 22,0 ratings

Unacceptable treatment

(2/5) By mike on 13 Marzec, 2018

I would love to tell everyone how amazing the pizzas were! Unfortunately I cannot as we never made it to a table. We had read about ‘stoking of oven’ between 3.15 and 4pm so timed our visit accordingly. After a lovely walk over Brooklyn Bridge in the cold, we arrived 7 minutes before 4pm. We asked if we could come in perhaps and get a drink; only to be told we could wait within the plastic covered porch area. At 1 minute to 4 I once again entered the restaurant to ask if we could now come in. This time the response was; “I have to speak to my manager”. I was astonished not just by the treatment but the whole approach to us as potential customers of their establishment. We told them that we had no desire to give them our custom and departed. I very much doubt this review will affect their business but as overseas visitors we certainly won’t be recommending BBQ Jackfruit Pizza!

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الهواة 22,0 ratings

Best Piza

(5/5) By Melisa on 12 Marzec, 2018

BBQ Jackfruit Pizza has the best pizza in New York. Their sauce is freshly made and topped with the finest Mozzarella chesse and customer service is tops. This is my davorite pizza place in town!

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